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There are people who are concerned about the affects of sodium being used by the softeners in the drinking water. You have to only know that most health concerns happen over the access intake of sodium chloride and not sodium bicarbonate which is basically used in softening drinking water. In addition to that there are opinions expressed by the New England Journal of Medicines over the minimization of salt used by most water softeners.

The sodium content added is minimal as to what a normal person would consume in his/her diet. For those people who have been seriously advised by the doctors on consuming less salty food can instead go for potassium chloride salt which is an alternative substitute than sodium.

You also have an option to bypass one of the water faucets in your house which are being used for drinking purposes. Many people have a standard unit to connect to the hot water side of their water supply system but unfortunately, they are actually forfeiting the service of soft water supply for shower, laundry and/or any other related usage because mixing hard cold water with hot water still keeps the water hard. You can also choose to fix a water filter which is going to assist in removing the possibly found salt from the drinking water.

Another option which is to-date very controversial is the use of magnetic or electronic water softener. As per the manufacturers this device is a plug-in, clip-on type which sticks to the incoming water supply and sets up a magnetic field which is going to change the properties of any calcium carbonate minerals found thereafter repelling them from those pipes and from each other. Water Quality Association commission a study which tested this softener function against the ion exchange softeners and found out that there are no significant chemical or physical changes happening in water properties and that there was no reduction in the scale formation either. Despite numerous effectiveness claims by various manufacturers, buyer should be careful and beware

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